The Body’s Responses to Treatment

The body can have many responses to therapeutic massage other than relaxation, such as muscle soreness and detoxification. Drinking plenty of water before / after a massage will help flush these toxins from the body. Avoiding food at least one hour before your massage will help with tummy gurgles or uncomfortable indigestion while lying on the table.

For Optimum Session Time

  • Please turn cell phones off – even vibrate can be a distraction in a small space
  • Please arrive clean and free of any strong odors / fragrances
  • Please undress to your level of comfort
  • Please remove all jewelry (including rings)
  • Please feel free to voice any concerns or ask any questions before, during, and after the massage
  • Please let me know if you feel any discomfort at any time during the massage, or if the pressure needs to be adjusted to better suit your comfort level

This is your massage – help me make it perfect for you!